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I hate it when I forget to update this bloody thing.

Nothing new going on here in good old NYC. I'm getting sick of these attacks. You'd think the stupid Daimons would learn a new trick or two, but no.

I'm thinking about taking a trip down to New Orleans to see how the city is fairing after the hurricane. I haven't been in a while. It should be nice, I suppose.
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Gods above...please give me patience to deal with idiots that will remain nameless.

The Daimons finally decided to come out and play and now it's FREEZING out and there's snow! I swear they're all idiots. At least I dusted quite a few of them last night.

Anyone want to recommend a movie or two?

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Living in Manhattan has advantages and disadvantages. For one I'm close to NYC so I can go to see anything on Broadway that I want, but it gets boring at times when the Daimons don't come out and play. Chatting with Zoe helps to break the cycle of dull nights and bantering with some of the other Dark Hunters...former and current.

Ash said he and Simi were coming up this way sometime soon. That means a big trip to see something like "Cinderella" or the girly movies Simi likes and of course I'm up for it. With Simi around, life is never boring I'm sure.

Anyone dusted any good Daimons lately?

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